Now, its your time to visit Komodo National Park and Flores Island. Explore the Island of adventure and happiness.



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About Us

Menjadi bagian dalam dunia pariwisata sejak bulan Desember 2013, Longlasting Trip berusaha menjadi penyedia jasa wisata yang profesional dan terpercaya. Dengan berbekal pengalaman dan pengetahuan terhadap dunia pariwisata di Indonesia, sekaligus mendukung program pemerintah untuk mempromosikan tempat-tempat wisata di daerah yang jauh dari Ibu Kota dan memiliki potensi yang besar. Longlasting Trip memfokuskan pelayanan wisata di wilayah timur Indonesia dan sekitarnya.

Sejak Agustus 2014, Pulau Flores & Taman Nasional Komodo terpilih sebagai destinasi tujuan dari paket trip yang kami miliki. Bekerjasama dengan stakeholder lokal yang telah berpengalaman di bidangnya, fasilitas yang berkualitas dan pelayanan profesional, menjadikan setiap trip yang diadakan nyaman, aman dan berkesan.

Company Info

  •   +6281 138 202 19
  •  LINE @longlastingtrip
  •   Jl. Cumi-cumi No. 2B, Kampung Ujung, Labuan Bajo, Flores 86554
  • My boyfriend and I enjoyed the boat trip in September 2018 and all we can say is just book with them. The trip is beautiful, food was really nice, they even offered vegetarian dishes and the crew is extremely friendly and nice. Bedrooms are nice, all with aircon (which it was quite needed). Bathroom was always clean. Nothing luxurious but a typical boat bathroom if you see what I mean. They also took pictures of us (even under the water with a GoPro camera) and gave us a link after the trip so we could download all the pictures. Great people and really worth the money. Would definitely recommend them.

    thumb Markel Eguren

    Aku sukaaaaa,,, ABK nya seru dan kadang kocak. Makanan dan masakan di atas kapal juga enak2,, kami selalu kenyang,,thanks bang Faisal for the yummy food. Sangat rekomended,, service nya juga sangat memuaskan. Thanks longlastrip,, Aku Cinta Kamu 😍😍😍

    thumb Fahria Bunga Rosalina

    5 star review  I had a great trip organized by LLT. Service by staff, guide, crew and chef was excellent. Program was perfect. I got always prompt response on whatsapp. I was lucky to select LLT. However, the cooler was not cool enough that could be improved.

    thumb Yoke Pornpimon
  • 5 star review  Used LLT for 3 day 2 night Komodo National Park visit. Irfan was easy to communicate with and the trip couldn't have been better. We had a great, professional crew who bent over backwards to make sure we had a good time. We picked the standard boat (sleeping on deck) - yeah it wasn't fancy but it's what we signed up for! The stops were all great, saw loads of komodos on Rinca and Komodo, some great snorkelling, some beautiful sunsets. I think our biggest surprise was the food...it was DELICIOUS. How our chef managed to make such good meals in such a tiny kitchen was beyond me. Definitely recommend LLT, it was the best price we found and an incredible experience.

    thumb Bennett Golder

    5 star review  Went for 3d2n trip with longlastingtrip for komodo trip with my friends. Was the best boat experience i have had. The boat crew are reliable and friendly. Especially our guide mas Dimas was the best you can expect. Very friendly reliable helpfull and informative too. Thanks for great time! ��

    thumb Ivana Sasmitapura Silwal

    5 star review  Our Cruise to Komodo and all the island of the area was perfect. Our guide was very nice and all the people on the boat let us fell at home. Places we visited were stunning and the price is very good. We had no expectation but we would choose them over and over!

    thumb Chiara Catella
  • 5 star review  All the team members from longlasting trip were very helpful, they are willing to take extra miles to ensure that we have a very amazing experience in Flores ( e.g. very responsive towards the trip changes, could plan accordingly to our needs). One thing to improve is the overland transportation which we found very tough for us as well as the only solo driver since we spent almost 12 hours in the car covering 5 districts. Another thing to highlight is we suggest to start the flores trip from Ende to Labuan Bajo instead of Labuan Bajo to Ende. Overall, the trip was amazing and we did enjoy the flores trips lot. Thanks Longlasting Trip.

    thumb Antonius Ricardo

    5 star review  Very very happy with the well organised and knowledgble staff at longlasting trip. Guide was fluent in English and I had no problems with communication. A detailed itinerary was provided prior to arrival and any adjustments could easily be made. Very reasonable costs for a 24/7 guide and private boat and crew. Me and my family had never been to Flores before but we had a great experience sailing around the islands on a private boat tour with our guide and crew. It is a modest but well maintained and clean boat with closed bunk rooms for 8-9 guests. Shower with running water available and a sun deck on top of the boat provided amazing views although I did get sunburnt inadvertently up there. The crew cooks everything on board and I was amazed at what good food could come out of such a tiny onboard kitchen. Mostly asian food was served and tea and coffee was free access. Happy-go-lucky crew mates created a very relaxed, chilled vibe. Our program consisted mainly of hiking at 4am in the dark up uninhabited islands to catch the view of breathtaking sunrises. On average it took about 30-40mins. Beware the majority of the tracts are undeveloped dirt tracts so good shoes and a flashlight are a must. Also recommend bringing some granola bars or something to eat before/as you hike as food is not served before the hike as no one is awake to prepare it otherwise bananas were provided. Regarding hiking ability, my 56yo mother, who is relatively unfit, struggled a bit but managed to climb to the top with several rest stops and it was perfectly do-able for the rest of my family. Our guide held her hand and helped her along every step of the way which we were very thankful for. Snorkelling was mainly in the afternoon and you need not worry about wanting to SCUBA dive as the corals and fish are less than a few meters below the surface so snorkelling was sufficient. Equipment was provided. Clarity of the water is dependant on ocean conditions but most of the places we went had quite clear water with lots of coral and many fish. Our guide also took high quality photos and videos for us with their cameras during the trip which I thought was a nice bonus. The only thing I could complain about was the other tourists on the islands which of course the guides have no control over. We went a a time of Ramadan where many many Indonesians have their holidays in Labuan Bajo so there were locals around sometimes speaking loudly and crowding to take photos. I'd recommend going at a low season time during Indonesian school times. Over the trip we became quite close with our guide and crew and are very grateful for all their knowledge and assistance. We definitely created some long lasting memories on this trip and looking forward to being able to come back again. Highly recommend! Thank you Irvan and Detri for the journey :D

    thumb Jessica Noto

    5 star review  Ikut open trip itu bisa dibilang untung-untungan, guidenya enak, teman trip nya kurang, atau sebaliknya, belum lagi soal makan dan urusan tidur yang bikin kita ga berharap banyak lah. Tapiiiii 3h2m dengan Longlasting Trip itu benar-benar saya bersyukur sangat. Gimana enggak, kapal nyaman untuk kami bobo, makanannya enak-enak asli bikin kami lahap, yang tadinya ga ngarep soal makan, menjadikan itu salah satu moment, kita nungguin bakal keluar menu apa nih. Pernah saking pinisirinnya (=lebih dari penasaran) saya ke dapur nungguin Amhenk masak. Guidenya Mas Dimas, super hero kalah superman 😀, motivator handal ketika kita dah lelah buat nanjak-nanjak, handal renang boo (thanks mas, udah bikin saya renang di laut lepas dan nyentuh Manta), ga lelah foto-fotoin kita di setiap moment. Over all, Longlasting Trip udah menyajikan perjalanan yang nyaman, hangat, memorable. Thanks alot Longlasting Trip, Mas Dimas, Amhenk, Isal & Mas Rauf, till we meet again. Thanks juga to all my travel mate ☺

    thumb Yuliana Olvina Amelia
  • 5 star review  Holla!! My travelmate (saori watanabe) and i had really great trip ❤️ Crew and tour guide (dimas) were friendly, kind, really know how to make the trip awesomely. The location we visited were no doubt amazing! We got what we wanted! They had what we needed! There was no problem at that we felt. Very good decision i've made to let @longlastingtrip handle my little time! For sure gonna with you guys on the next trip wherever it is! Cheers! Fredrick rizky.

    thumb Fredrick Rizky

    5 star review  Tgl 19-22 Mei saya mencari tour untuk ke pulau komodo dan menemukan longlasting trip melalui instagram. It was such a nice trip. Dengan orang-orang yang ramah dan pelayanan yang baik. Menghabiskan 3 malam di kapal yang menurut saya cukup nyaman dan masakan yang enak n kngen ama chef yg masak. Menurut saya trip ini sangat memuaskan dengan fasilitas yang ada dan selalu dibutuhkan selama perjalanan di kapal. Crew kapal jg sangat mengasyikkan n menyenangkan orang2nya , dittgu utk next trip ke warebo bersama longlastrip 😊😊😊😊

    thumb Catty Permadi

    5 star review  Alhamdulillah, beruntung banget bisa berjodoh sama longlasting di labuan bajo ďż˝ 3 hari 2 malam di kapal jadi ga berasa banget karena kru kapal yang seru (dadah2 mas faisal), masakan yang enak (mamacih amhenk), plus dimas sang tour leader yang baik hati dan tidak sombong, jagoan lagipula pintar ďż˝ senengnya lagi, semua tempat berhasil dikunjungi sesuai itinerary dan tepat waktu ďż˝ pokoknya laaaaffff banget sama longlasting ďż˝

    thumb Inong Radlia
  • 5 star review  recommended dan terpertjaja (baca: terpercaya) 😂 saya sailing tanggal 19-21 Mei 2017 dengan jumlah peserta 6 orang, 4 hari bareng jadi ga berasa sumpah! dapet guide hitam manis nan cerdas senantiasa membagikan ilmunya, apaaa aja jadi ilmu baru buat bekal hidup kita2 kelak..wkwkwk (lebay) jago banget berenangnya jadi buat yg ga bisa berenang, insya Allah kalian aman kaya gw😊😊 dan sabar banget nemenin nanjak dan turun saat trekking. ga tau deh harus bilang makasi kaya gimana lagi ke Dimas (ala2 terima penghargaan) awak kapalnya juga keren2! tadinya ga ngarep banyak sama makanan dikapal, etapi gataunya makanannya enyak2 semua euy! Amenk we love you and you love me! 😂😂 kamarnya bersih dan nyaman dan ada AC-nya bok!, persediaan air bersih buat mandi dan bilas yang cukup, air minum ga kekurangan (asli concern perkara air minum) trus yaa ini mereka bikin jadwalnya paslah kalo menurut kita2 dan on schedule juga (alhamdulillaah semesta mendukung perjalanan kami kemarin) duuh kepanjangan kan bikin reviewnya hihihi abis seneng sih 😆. nama kan katanya doa ya buibu pakbapak (mamah dedeh:mode on) mudah2an seperti namanya, Longlasting Trip juga longlast yaaa 😍😍😘

    thumb Rani Melyani-New

    5 star review  Sumpah, liburan paling keren yang pernah dialamin! 👍👍👍

    thumb Faris Julda Fatharani

    5 star review  Very happy-go-lucky trip....thanks Longlasting trip for 3D2N LOB and 1D land trip. Kang Irfan always patient and friendly guiding us, delicious food by chef ameng and faisal make my belly happy, and thanks for our captain Ra'uf can conquer the waves. Also thanks to Mba Detri, in short meeting mean to much for me (make new friends). See ya in next trip to Waerebo..Inshaallah ďż˝

    thumb Wahyu Widyawati
  • 5 star review  Menyenangkan banget! Totally Recommended deh kalau misalnya ada yang mau coba trip di Flores. Tour Leader nya ramah dan supel banget, terus kru kapal nya pun pada kocak-kocak dan baik banget juga. Pokoknya four thumbs up dah! I'll be back for the overland trip definitely!

    thumb Febrian Gilang Isradityo

    5 star review  We had the time of our life completing the Sailing Komodo with you-thank you!!

    thumb 'Qiem Meta Gianalucha

    5 star review  Perjalanan bersama selama 3 hari 2 malam cukup membuat kami menjadi sangat dekat ... kak Irvan sebagai pemandu dari longlasting Trip ini bisa menjadi jembatan kami yg asal nya tidak kenal menjadi kenal dan akrab ... terimakasih untuk perjalanan indah nya mudah2 an kita bisa mengulang kembali perjalanan nya dan pasti nya kita akan kontak longlasting trip kembali .... 🙏🙏🙏

    thumb Uwi Rachmaliah
  • 5 star review  Good service, beautiful place, delicious food from "kakak", new friend and experience!! You should be here at least once, off couse don't forget to use Longlasting tour :) Thank you mas Irfan and crew!!

    thumb Nathalia Triandini

    5 star review  It was a fun trip, i was travel with longlasting trip on 24 - 27 feb 2017, with a nice people around plus a good tour lead make this trip even more fun, last night we got an upgrade to silvia hotel! I totally recommend people to try this trip, thanks so much to my tripmates, and Mbak Detri and Mas Irfan from longlastingtrip for accompanying us till the trip over

    thumb Krishna Chandra

    5 star review  tanggal 14 februari saya dan teman2 mencari tour untuk ke pulau komodo dan menemukan longlasting trip melalui instagram. It was such a nice trip. Dengan orang-orang yang ramah dan pelayanan yang baik. Menghabiskan 2 malam di kapal yang menurut saya cukup nyaman dan masakan yang enak. Lalu 1 malam terakhir di labuan bajo hotel yang saya nilai 7.5/10 Menurut saya dan teman2 trip ini sangat memuaskan dengan fasilitas yang ada dan selalu dibutuhkan selama perjalanan di kapal

    thumb Nadia Rofanda
  • 5 star review  Super satisfied with the trip. Super kind guide! Definitely worth the hype!

    thumb Fachda Ramadhani

    5 star review  Saya mengikuti private trip bersama 5 orang teman saya dan merogoh kocek 2.500.000 per orang. Makanan 5/5: Enak! Kapal 4/5: Bersih dan nyaman Pelayanan pra traveling 5/5: Mas Irfan sangat sabar menanggapi pertanyaan dan juga responnya cepat Pelayanan hari H 5/5: ABK dan Mas Irfan benar2 all out, mulai dari mencari spot snorkeling sampai dokumentasi benar2 totalitas Overall 4.5/5: Sangat recommended, worth every penny! Namun tentunya masih ada beberapa hal yang dapat di improve.

    thumb Diaz Widisasongko

    5 star review  What a memorable experience! Snorkeling di beberapa tempat yang berbeda, berenang dengan Manta Ray, berenang sambil dikerubungi puluhan ikan, trekking with such extraordinary views, stargazing dari atas boat malem2. Tour guide yang sangat ramah dan helpful, cabin crew yang seru, dan juga kenalan sama temen2 baru. Waah pokoknya nggak nyesel Komodo trip sama Longlasting Trip!

    thumb Sharin Yofitasari

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